Fastpharma, one of the leading companies in the design of pharmacies, sets itself the mission of giving back to its client, the Pharmacist, a place where the commercial side is closely linked to the emotional one. This is why our goal is to provide a professional service that helps the Pharmacist identify the critical elements in his store in order to create a functional and positive shopping journey for his customers, increasing the business through a targeted action of marketing.
Whatever the type of service you will need (new opening, renovation, supply of furnishings or to digitize the Pharmacy), Fastpharma and its team of professionals will create your design through technologies and strategies to distinguish yourself in the sector and after a careful study of your target audience, allowing you to offer a customized service.


The design phase begins after a careful listening to the customers’ requests and needs and after a thorough study of the location so as to create an efficient layout and to find innovative solutions that can make the pharmaceutical activity simpler and more functional. For this purpose, we are very attentive to the study of the movements of both customers and pharmacists, without ignoring all the various urban planning regulations and all the bodies responsible for the granting of authorizations.

The blueprints are carried out by a team of expert engineers and architects who use the most advanced information technology, able to render the interiors of the future pharmacy, in order to obtain a photorealistic visual idea.


Fastpharma offers you turnkey service, taking charge of everything that the construction phase involves: the fulfillment of the paperwork concerning the construction works and the granting of authorizations by the health bodies, the works supervision, the construction works, the technical installations (including certification requirements), the supply and the assembly of furnishings.

We attach the utmost importance to timing, so our priority is to guarantee specific deadlines for the execution of the works (not more than 30 days, including the assembly of furniture).

In fact, our previous experience in the organization of construction sites enables us to have a perfect planning of the work, an efficient management of skilled workers and the immediate resolution of any structural problem.


Fastpharma knows the burden that the closure of the pharmacy may imply during the renovation and the importance of the continuity of the service for the customers.

For this reason, we have developed a method that allows you to continue the everyday activity of the pharmacy during the renovation work.

Your pharmacy does not close and it reinvent itself!


Our furnishings are designed to give shape to a positive and comfortable place both for the customers and for the staff. Fastpharma design stands out for its “minimal brightness”: light, lacquered and high quality glass are expertly combined to enhance the visibility of the product and, at the same time, to give an atmosphere of purity and healthiness.

Moreover, thanks to their modularity and flexibility, our furnishings allow the pharmacist to customize their spaces according to the needs of the moment.



Pharmacy is not just FURNITURE and DESIGN!

It is important to build an effective communication in the pharmacy, able to use the most suitable language gaining the customer’s trust, to highlight the product and to talk about the identity of the pharmacy itself.

Fastpharma provides experts in consulting and assistance for communication and visual merchandising, ready to give you the most appropriate advice to improve the communication in the pharmacy.


Renovated in terms of identity, style and communication, now that the pharmacy begins to achieve the expected results, it is essential for us to guarantee our active presence even after the delivery.

We remain in constant contact with our customers to verify the improvements obtained after our intervention, to offer them a valid support, for a possible remodulation of the internal communication and for assistance on technical systems.


A welcoming location for the client and functional for the pharmacist.

layout that facilitates the customer’s journey and optimizes the space to better organize the different sectors of the pharmacy in the shop: Fastpharma has conceived this solution for the new opening of the Fiume Giallo pharmacy in the Torrino district of Rome. A design studied to improve the customer’s shopping experience through an effective and decisive communication.

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